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Vision 5: How to Build a Foundation for a Composable Enterprise

As Gartner says, “The Future of Business is Composable.” Learn how enterprise no-code is a foundational technology for composability, and how delivering this in your enterprise will improve efficiency, agility, and adaptability.
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[Webinar 5] How to Build a Foundation for a Composable Enterprise
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Brett Li

Head of Product Marketing

You're ready to begin building a composable enterprise. So what's next?

The composable enterprise is one that enables the creation, or composition, of business solutions using a set of modular and interoperable building blocks. These building blocks, called packaged business capabilities, or PBCs, enable faster development of business solutions with less-technical skill sets. This session will share steps to incorporate PBCs into your organization and digital strategy moving forward.

What will you takeaway from this session?

We'll introduce you to the concept of the composable enterprise and what components you need to get started.

You'll be introduced to the key benefits of creating a composable enterprise and how this can accelerate your business velocity.

Build the infrastructure around no-code to help you deliver on an ideal future.