How to FINALLY Start Using Less Apps

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What's in this eBook?

In our personal life, we all enjoy access to software applications that are more powerful than ever before. But at work, our employees spend more time compensating for their limitations than they do benefitting from their functionality. This inefficiency is currently wreaking havoc on companies and employees alike. Did you know, on average, employees spend only 2.8 hours a day completing high-value work?

Over time, this operational debt builds up for companies: your employees suffer, and your ability to adapt becomes compromised. These are just a few reasons why an increasing number of digital-first companies are asking themselves: how can we begin to use fewer apps? How can we consolidate and optimize our use of the tech we already have?

For those folks, we wanted to share this guide with key strategies to get started. Download this eBook to:

Learn tangible strategies to orchestrate processes on top of your existing tech stack.

Understand how no-code can empower business and IT teams and reduce the need for net new apps.

Start thinking people-first (rather than technology-first) to maximize the impact of your technology.

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