The State of Business Operations in 2021 and Beyond

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What will you learn from this webinar recording?

Tonkean took a comprehensive survey of 500 IT and operations professionals to understand emerging trends, challenges, and opportunities in business operations, and we wanted to give you an exclusive analysis findings in this webinar.

The growing excitement around the potential of innovative technology is evident from survey results. For example, the report yielded that a whopping 95% of respondents say business operations are becoming MORE important to their organization.

In addition to analyzing survey results, Terri Griffith, Keith Beedie Chair in Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Simon Fraser University, joins Tonkean to share her deep research on bottom-up applications of automation in work and its potential to impact business operations. Our speakers discuss:

Key trends, challenges, and opportunities for business operations in 2021

Bottom-up applications of automation and how it can drastically improve efficiency

How leveraging no-code/low-code solutions can reduce app sprawl and accelerate innovation

Our Speakers