The State of Business Operations in 2021

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What Will You Take Away from this Report?

Did you know that 80% of IT and operations professionals think no-code/low code solutions will empower their operations team to get more work done? Neither did we. Tonkean surveyed hundreds of operations and IT professionals to understand emerging trends and opportunities in business operations, and the results will surprise you!

The data shows that many of the primary barriers to improving business processes stem from limited budgets, the burden of change management, and lack of access to developers. But the report shows growing excitement about the potential of innovative technology, such as no-code automation, to address these challenges. 

Download this exclusive report to gain more insight into the state of business operations today, what support these professionals say they need, and why technology will play a big role in shaping the function’s future.

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Overall trends in the growing importance and diversity within business operations

The key areas of struggle that enterprises face with improving operational efficiency and productivity and how to overcome them

Differences in how business operations and IT professionals view challenges with innovation and technology

The power of Tonkean, I don't think it can be overstated.

Chris Giddings, Sr. Solutions Architect and Innovation Lead | TripActions

86% of respondents say their projects get delayed because of a lack of resources

80% of respondents agreed that no-code/low-code automation would empower their operations team to get more work done.

49% of respondents say one of their biggest barriers to improving processes is lack of access to IT & engineering resources.