The State of Business Operations in 2021

How prepared is your team for the no-code revolution? Download this data-driven report on how technology is shaping the future of Business Operations to assess.

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What Will You Take Away from this Report?

The future of Business Operations will be defined by no-code and automation technology—which is being used to introduce agility and adaptivity to operations departments, and to democratize the ability to leverage software to solve problems.

The organizations thinking seriously about how to make use of these tools today will have a competitive edge tomorrow.

These are some of the key findings from our 2021 State of Business Operations Report, for which we surveyed hundreds of operations and IT professionals. Our goal was to better understand emerging trends and important opportunities in business operations.

The results were eye-opening. They show that many of the primary barriers that ops teams face stem from limited budgets, the burden of change management, and lack of access to developers.

Technology poised to help ops teams overcome those barriers are a source, in turn, of much excitement—and an area of increasing investment.

Download this exclusive report to learn more about how innovative technology is being used inside Business Operations today, why technology will play a huge role in shaping the function’s future, and how prepared your operations teams are for the coming technological revolution.

Download this report to learn:

Why innovative and newly powerful technology could solve the most hard-to-solve problems currently plaguing the business operations function

What those key problems are prohibiting enterprises from improving operational efficiency and productivity and how to overcome them

Where your team stands in terms of innovative preparedness

86% of respondents say their projects get delayed because of a lack of resources

80% of respondents agreed that no-code/low-code automation would empower their operations team to get more work done.

49% of respondents say one of their biggest barriers to improving processes is lack of access to IT & engineering resources.