Accelerating Sales Velocity By Operationalizing Conversational Data

Join Gong.io and Tonkean as they share ways to operationalize "golden nuggets" of conversational data to accelerate your revenue cycles.

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What Will You Learn From This Webinar Recording?

Every revenue leader wants to increase sales velocity. Doing that, however, requires synergy between all components of the revenue engine—as well as a shared understanding of your prospects and customers.

Join leaders from Gong.io and Tonkean as they share ways to capture conversational data and operationalize it across your sales, marketing, customer success, support, and product teams to improve alignment and develop a deeper understanding of your customers.

How to develop better customer insights: Learn how to unite your entire go-to-market team by providing visibility into learnings from your customer conversations (competitive info, product feedback, actionable tasks to the right stakeholders, etc).

How to rapidly align and scale processes across the GTM teams Learn how to use an enterprise no-code platform to evolve from task-based automation to orchestration of end-to-end processes.

How Gong + Tonkean allows you to turn customer learnings into action: Capture, share, and act on all of signals, tidbits, and learnings from your customers with a holistic solution for operationalizing conversational data.

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