Fundamentals 4: How to Manage & Govern Enterprise No-Code

Can business teams be trusted to deliver robust solutions to complex business problems? Can IT ensure compliance and governance with no-code? In this recorded session, we provide the approach to managing and governing no-code at scale.
[Webinar 4] How to Manage & Govern Enterprise No-Code
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Webinar Recording
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Our Presenters

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Jeffrey Wong

Director Technical Product Marketing

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Michael Levy

Solution Architect

Is No-Code Secure? This question is top of mind for many IT organizations. 

How can IT govern business-led solutions? Can no-code solve any business need, or will IT still need to step in when business teams run into trouble? These are all some of the most critical questions, and skepticism, with no-code in the enterprise today.

What will you learn from this session?

What to consider in deploying enterprise no-code to ensure governance.

How to deploy enterprise no-code to ensure governance, compliance, and maintainability.

Learn how you can build a model to deploy enterprise no-code at scale.