Fundamentals 1: What is Enterprise No-Code?

To kick off Tonkean Academy, this webinar deep dives into one of the hottest technology spaces in enterprises today and demystifies the world of no-code (and low-code).

[Webinar 1] Fundamentals: What is Enterprise No-Code?
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Webinar Recording
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Our Presenters

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Brett Li

VP of Product Marketing.

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Stuart Brougher

Solution Architect

What exactly is No-Code?

How is it different from low-code? Is it something that enterprises can adopt confidently? Who would leverage no-code solutions? What value can it provide?

Join the first in Tonkean's No-Code webinar 101 series to set up the fundamental framework to enable no-code in your enterprise.

Key Takeaways

Lay the foundation for understanding no-code and answer some of the key questions surrounding its adoption in enterprises today.

Uncover why some of the world’s largest enterprises (including ones with plenty of developers and others who are highly security conscious) are investing in no-code to expand the pie of who can leverage software to increase business agility.

Establish the reason why every IT and operations team should be actively investing in enterprise no-code today.