Automation to Orchestration: How to Drive Continuous Improvement of Your People, Process, and Tools

This webinar recording is led by two founders in the automation space as they share real-time examples of how to evolve your automation initiatives to orchestrate dynamic, human-centric processes.

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What will you learn in this webinar?

Every operational leader is looking at automation to drive efficiency and increase revenue for their business. However, many organizations have difficulty identifying the roadblocks and bottlenecks. Others are finding it difficult to improve their complex or human-centric processes without significant change management.

In this interactive discussion, Sagi Eliyahu (Co-founder & CEO, Tonkean) and Sam Lessin (Co-founder & Co-CEO, Fin Analytics) dove into how operational leaders can expand their automation initiatives. They shared an exclusive demo, showcasing how Tonkean & Fin Analytics identify, improve, and iterate on inefficiencies in complex business processes. Register to check out the exciting topics they covered!

Practical ways to identify inefficiencies in your processes: Discover how to find and measure manual and technical gaps.

How to improve dynamic, human-centric processes through orchestration: Learn what orchestration is and how you can apply it to streamline processes that can’t be automated.

A holistic approach to scale automation initiatives: Learn how to evolve from task-based automation to orchestration of end-to-end processes.

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