Hear from the Experts: Blockchain.com

Blockchain.com, a cryptocurrency service, wallet, and exchange was looking for a way to maintain agility & speed while they grew. The options they found were limiting⁠—until they discovered Tonkean.

Learn how they increased business agility through self-service operations and reduced reliance on IT.
[Webinar 6] Hear from the Experts: Blockchain.com
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Jeffrey Wong

Director Technical Product Marketing

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Tim Dougherty

Special Projects Associate, Strategy

The team realized they needed a company-wide non-developer business enablement system. Enter Tonkean.

As a fast-growing company in the cryptocurrency space, Blockchain customer service team was overwhelming multiple departments. They needed a better solution to manage incredibly high daily transaction counts (400k+/day). The implementation of Zendesk was unable to support their workflow needs, and shared IT resources did not have enough bandwidth to assist the business with internal projects.

Tonkean provided a no-code solution by:

Enabling operations teams with a platform to extend the capabilities of Zendesk and other solutions enabling self-service

Extending, redefining, and removing bottlenecks in the Blockchain customer support solution in just 5 business days

Enhancing processes and workflows to protect the agility and growth rate of the business