ChangeMakers Showcase: 
Improving Social Impact Through Operational Excellence

This 40-minute webinar recording announces the winners of Tonkean’s Changemakers Hackathon will highlight how they delivered an innovative solution to solve an operational challenge that a nonprofit organization was facing.

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What Will You Take Away From This Webinar?

During the week of Dec. 7-11, Tonkean brought together our community of makers to help 20+ nonprofits solve certain taxing operational challenges they did not have the resources to solve themselves.

Makers representing companies such as Hubspot, Credit Karma, and Verkada collaborated with nonprofits like Global Peace Foundation and WikiEducation on a variety of operations projects.

This webinar recording showcases the project that was voted “Most Impactful” by all participants in the Changemakers Hackathon—a designation that came with a $5,000 donation.

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Learn how nonprofits and ops-savvy makers combined their superpowers to uplevel their operational efficiency.

Discover tools and creative solutions that every company can use to improve their operations.

See a demo from the winning nonprofit and maker team of the solution that was delivered.

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