AMA: The Future of Enterprise Business Operations

Watch this 45-minute Ask Me Anything (AMA) webinar recording with Sagi Eliyahu, CEO of Tonkean, and Miles Clements, Partner at Accel to understand the future of no-code in enterprises.

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AMA: The Future of Enterprise Business Operations
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Event Concluded
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Sagi Eliyahu


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Miles Clements


Business operations is becoming critical to every function from front-office functions like sales and customer success to back-office functions like legal and finance.

To succeed, enterprises must invest in technology to empower operations teams. Enterprise no-code is changing who can build complex software. The future of enterprise automation will not be determined solely by those who can code, but by transforming more people, like operations professionals, to become Makers that can deliver software to change the way businesses operate.

Join this Ask Me Anything (AMA) fireside chat to understand:
The automation landscape

The past, present, and future of automation and how it is evolving

No-code process orchestration

And why it will become a game-changing category of software that challenges the status quo of not just automation, but enterprise SaaS as a whole

The next evolution of enterprise business operations

The critical importance of empowering “Makers”, aka business operations professionals, to drive efficiency in the enterprise